Funking Conservatory
StyleAmerican professional wrestling
HeadquartersOcala, Florida[1]
Founder(s)Dory Funk Jr.
Owner(s)Dory Funk Jr.
Funkin' Dojo

The Funking Conservatory is a professional wrestling school owned by Dory Funk Jr. and established in 1991.[1] It started as a six-day camp, but it later expanded to a three-week program. In 2001, it began running a professional wrestling promotion called "!Bang!" Members of the school and promotion had a chance to appear on its television show !Bang! TV.


In 1999, while he was in semi-retirement, Dory Funk Jr. decided to open a professional wrestling camp to train professional wrestlers.[1] It had a branch affiliated with the World Wrestling Federation called the "Funkin' Dojo."[1]

The Funking Conservatory started as a six-day camp, and it teaches wrestlers how to perform promos, conditioning, and weight training.[1] They also train professional wrestling referees.[2] The school accepts students starting at 14 years old.[3] It also trains wrestlers in hardcore wrestling—focusing on safety—and includes a hardcore match in every show.[4]

It later expanded to a three-week program.[3] In 2001, it began running a professional wrestling promotion called !Bang!. Members of the school and promotion had a chance to appear on its television show, !Bang! TV. Funk's wife Marti is a producer on the show in addition to acting as the photographer, videographer, and social media director for the school.[5][2]

In 2004, the school moved to the Dory Funk Arena in Ocala, Florida.[2] It consists of a ring, sound stage, and locker rooms.[2]

!Bang! TV

The promotion's !BANG! TV television tapings are held in the Dory Funk Arena on Saturday nights.[2] Billed as "the most exciting pro-wrestling show on the air" and hosted by Dory Funk Jr., !Bang! TV transmitted weekly on WOGX TV-51, and also My65. A special one-off edition of !BANG! TV was shown on The Wrestling Channel to viewers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The show also transmits online via their website.




  • Funking Conservatory World Heavyweight Championship
  • Funking Conservatory Tag Team Championship
  • Funking Conservatory United States Championship
  • Funking Conservatory Florida Heavyweight Championship
  • Funking Conservatory Television Championship
  • Funking Conservatory Hardcore Championship
  • Funking Conservatory Light Heavyweight Championship
  • Funking Conservatory Women's Championship

Retired, defunct, and inactive championships

  • Funking Conservatory International Championship
  • Funking Conservatory European Championship
  • Funking Conservatory Premium Championship
  • Funking Conservatory Queen of Hardcore Championship

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