Millennium: 2nd millennium
1240 in various calendars
Gregorian calendar1240
Ab urbe condita1993
Armenian calendar689
Assyrian calendar5990
Balinese saka calendar1161–1162
Bengali calendar647
Berber calendar2190
English Regnal year24 Hen. 3 – 25 Hen. 3
Buddhist calendar1784
Burmese calendar602
Byzantine calendar6748–6749
Chinese calendar己亥(Earth Pig)
3936 or 3876
    — to —
庚子年 (Metal Rat)
3937 or 3877
Coptic calendar956–957
Discordian calendar2406
Ethiopian calendar1232–1233
Hebrew calendar5000–5001
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat1296–1297
 - Shaka Samvat1161–1162
 - Kali Yuga4340–4341
Holocene calendar11240
Igbo calendar240–241
Iranian calendar618–619
Islamic calendar637–638
Japanese calendarEn'ō 2 / Ninji 1
Javanese calendar1149–1150
Julian calendar1240
Korean calendar3573
Minguo calendar672 before ROC
Nanakshahi calendar−228
Thai solar calendar1782–1783
Tibetan calendar阴土猪年
(female Earth-Pig)
1366 or 985 or 213
    — to —
(male Iron-Rat)
1367 or 986 or 214

Year 1240 (MCCXL) was a leap year starting on Sunday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.


By area


  • December 6Batu Khan and the Golden Horde sack the Ruthenian city of Kiev.
  • Tuan Mash'ika, an Arab, travels and introduces
    • July 15Battle of the Neva: Russian prince Alexander Nevsky defeats the Swedes, saving the Novgorod Republic from a full-scale enemy invasion from the North.
    • The civil war era in Norway ends.
    • The Flemish village Kaprijke is recognized as a city.
    • Religion

      • June 12 – The Disputation of Paris begins at the court of Louis IX of France, where four rabbis defend the Talmud against Nicholas Donin's accusations of blasphemy.
        • September 29Margaret of England, queen consort of the Scots (d. 1275)
        • Abulafia, Maltese Jewish philosopher (d. 1292)
        • Pope Benedict XI (d. 1304)
        • Sigerus of Brabant, French theologian (d. 1284)
        • Albert the Degenerate, landgrave of Thuringia (approximate date; d. 1314)
          • April 11Llywelyn the Great, King of Gwynedd
          • May 27William de Warenne, 5th Earl of Surrey (b. 1166)
          • October 13Razia Sultana of Delhi (b. 1205)
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